Case Study #5

PROJECT TYPE Early production facility – 10,000 bbl-per-day oil battery   TIME-FRAME 2013
CUSTOMER Senior independent producer   DURATION Six months
LOCATION Northwest Alberta  


Accommodate light oil production with solution gas and liquids from multi-well pad that was completed and ready for production before the producer's plant expansion was ready. Enable producer to produce gas to the gathering line while trucking out liquids in a more economical (and flaring-compliant) model than using well testers for months. Additional challenges were the producer's significant time urgency and that the production was slightly sour and high in sand.


Roska designed, built, commissioned and operated a seven-well battery, including wellhead ESDs, chokes, line heaters, high-pressure separators, a low-pressure separator, a low-pressure compressor, condensate storage bullets, produced water tanks, a VRU compressor, a high-pressure flare, a low-pressure flare and truck-outs.

Customer Benefits

  • Three months from purchase order to commencement of operations
  • Captured lost production until permanent facilities could handle target rates
  • Compliant with all facilities regulations, including flaring