Case Study #6

PROJECT TYPE Early production facilities at multiple sites – Montney light oil with solution gas and liquids   TIME-FRAME 2014-2017
CUSTOMER Major producer   DURATION Three years
LOCATION Northwest Alberta  


Efficiently manage the risks associated with tying-in and processing initial production from a high-rate, high-pressure, multi-phase, sour (>2% H2S) exploration play covering multiple drilling sites, in which the production mix and operating conditions are unpredictable, fluctuate over time and vary between sites.


Roska delivered a site-specific, turnkey solution at each of one-dozen sites, ranging from single-well batteries to four-well pads. The first three sites included:

Site 1: One wellhead separator, two pressurized storage tanks (one for water, one for condensate), FKOD, flare stack, air compressor, communications tower.

Site 2: Two wellheads, two separators, three pressurized storage tanks (one for water, two for condensate), FKOD, flare stack, metering skid, communications tower.

Site 3: Three wellheads, three separators, four pressurized storage tanks (one for water, three for condensate), FKOD, 180’ flare stack, metering skid, air compressor, communications tower.

Three additional sites were initiated in winter 2015-2016 and a further six sites were completed that season and in the remainder of 2016.

Customer Benefits

  • Each site received customized, site-specific solution
  • Achieved economies of scale through integrated delivery model
  • Leveraged capital allocation through rental equipment model
  • Use of pressurized storage tanks that contain vapours and minimize flaring yielded:
    • Greater safety
    • Greener operations
    • Lower risks
  • Facilities are operator-friendly and flexible