Case Study #8 - Roska DBO Inc.

PROJECT TYPE Design-build-rent 20 mmcsf/d compressor station   TIME-FRAME 2012-2017
CUSTOMER Major producer   DURATION 6 ½ years
LOCATION Northeast B.C.  


Customer required compression and processing to bring on and evaluate new liquids-rich Montney gas wells, but was uncertain of long-term need for facilities and wished to limit capital risks. Customer had surplus compression equipment available.


Roska provided a design-build solution with rental equipment. Services included engineering and project management. Equipment included: inlet separation, compression, dehydration, condensate storage bullet, transfer pumps, truck-out, power generation, fuel storage, MCC, Coriolis meter skid, instrument air, flare and FKOD, and site office.

Customer Benefits

  • Greatly reduced capital risks
  • Able to re-use customer-owned surplus equipment
  • Received the most appropriate and cost-effective mix of surplus, Roska-sourced and custom-fabricated equipment
  • Highly satisfactory rental arrangement that was renewed for the long term