Rental Fleet

Roska's extensive rental equipment fleet is geared to meeting the challenges producers face in the field. Our rental equipment comes in a variety of sizes and capacities to cover the ranges that are commonly encountered in today's producing scenarios. That includes high-rate, high-pressure, multi-phase wells for the Duvernay, Montney, Cardium, Deep Basin and other unconventional plays.

We rent the expected core equipment items, like separators, tanks and flare stacks, as well as critical supporting items like valves and instrumentation, plus many other pieces often needed on the well site, like pumps and generators – even trailers and communication towers. Roska also has designed some special equipment to address common production challenges.

Please click on the links below for detailed information on all our rental equipment, plus special tips on how to get the most out of it.

Please check out our Surplus Equipment for more items.

Rental 36" x 10' 1,440 psi Sour Vertical Separators 11402FA   Rental Chokes  
Rental 30" x 10' 1,440 psi Sour Vertical Separators 11408   PIPING  
Rental 36" x 10' 1,440 psi Sour Horizontal Separators 11408   Rental HilTap Hammer Union Piping  
Rental 48" x 15' 1,440 psi Sour Horizontal Separators 11463FA   Rental Flanged Piping  
Rental 60" x 20' 720 psi Sour Horizontal Separators 11407FA   FLARE STACKS  
STORAGE TANKS     Rental 4" x 40' Sour Portable Flare Stacks 12044
Rental 400 bbl Sweet Liquid Storage Tanks 11409FA   Rental 6" x 60' Sour Flare Stacks 11443
Rental 400 bbl Sour Liquid Storage Tanks 11410FA   Rental 8" x 60' Sour Flare Stacks 11445FA
Rental 800 bbl Sour Pressurized Storage Tanks (Vessels) 12016FA/ 15268FA   Rental 8" x 80' Sour Flare Stacks 1446FA
Rental Fuel Storage Tank Skids (Diesel) 30020   Rental 8" x 100' Sour Flare Stacks  
      Rental 8" x 190' Sour Flare Stacks  
Rental 60" x 10' Sour FKOD Flare Knockout Drum 11431/ 11431FA   Rental 300 kW Diesel Generator Sets 15889FA
Rental 72" x 10' Sour FKOD Flare Knockout Drum 15888/ 15888FA   Rental 200 kW Diesel Generator Sets 11433FA
RTU UNITS     Rental 100 kW Diesel Generator Sets 15890FA
Rental FloBoss 107 RTU Units 11458FA   Rental 60 kW Diesel Generator Sets with Light Tower 12095FA
Rental ROC 827 RTU Units 15891FA   Rental 20 kW Mobile Diesel Light Towers with Auxiliary Power 12031FA
Rental E-chart RTU Units 15892FA   PUMPS  
PIPE RACK STANDS     Dual 500 Gallon Electric Chemical Injection Pump Skids 11414FA
Rental Heavy Pipe Rack Stands 11426FA   Dual 500 Gallon Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pump Skids 15269FA
Rental Light Pipe Rack Stands 15666FA   100 Gallon Electric Inhibitor Pump Skids – Stainless Steel  
LINE HEATERS     100 Gallon Pneumatic Inhibitor Pump Skids – Stainless Steel  
      200 HP Electric Quintplex Injection Pump Unit PUM04
Rental 2 mmbtu 4" 4,500 psi Sour Line Heaters 11441FA   TANK FARMS  
Rental 2 mmbtu 3" 5,000 psi Sour Line Heaters 11440FA   Rental Pre-Engineered Tank Farm Packages  
      Rental Mobile Site Office Trailers FA50048/FA50047