Rental Chokes

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Product Snapshot

These specialized pressure-reducing control valves are typically used on the wellhead or between bundles on the line heater. Each Roska choke comes with various trim sizes and our rental inventory includes various body sizes. Our chokes come in various configurations from leading manufacturers. Can be rented with an I2P to facilitate electric control and connection to your SCADA system.


Features   Benefits
2”, 3”, 4” Nominal Pipe Size Adjustable choke
  Fisher 657 actuator
  Angle body
cl2500 or cl1500, 10,000API Flanged variety of brands in stock
Sour Service For H2S service
  NACE MR0175
  Low Temperature


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   To 10,000 psi
MDMT   -50° F
Radiography   N/A
Dimensions   varies
Weight   varies
Service   sour