Flare Stacks

Rental 4" x 40' Sour Portable Flare Stacks

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Product Snapshot

Designed from end-to-end for true temporary service. Mobile and trailer-mounted. Quick and easy to set up, designed to withstand wind loads without setting pilings. Includes integral flare-knock-out, pilot and ignitor. Comes with hoses and hammer-union piping. Also designed to work with Roska’s mobile blowdown vessels.


Features   Benefits
Highly Portable Trailer Mounted
Flare Ignition System Available  
Suitable for High H2S Service  
Flare Stack with Integral Flare Knock Out Drum FKOD  


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   125 psi
MDMT   -50° F
Radiography   100%
Dimensions   4" Dia x 40' H
Service   sour