Flare Stacks

Rental 8" x 60' Sour Flare Stacks

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Product Snapshot

This permanent self-supporting flare stack is a sophisticated product packed with features. Mounted on pilings or an engineered foundation, it is suited for a range of well, plant, battery and other facility sites. The pilots and ignitors are run electrically and can be powered by solar panels. Optimized design for tie-in with the minimum in piping. Pre-wired to tie into SCADA systems.


Features   Benefits
Free Standing  
Complete Comes with flare ignition system
  Flame fail / auto relight
  Solar powered 12v / 24v, 120v
Reliable Suitable for high H2S sour service


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   14.7 psi
MDMT   -50° F
Radiography   No
Dimensions   8" Dia x 60' H
Weight   4,000 lb
Service   sour