Knockout Drum

Rental 72" x 10’ Sour FKOD Flare Knockout Drum

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Product Snapshot

Heated and insulated, like our 60" model. Both sizes come with a built-in high-level switch, truck-out box with integral drip tray, a bleed valve to suck out hoses, and are pre-plumbed with an integral makeup gas line, regulators and orifices for safe truck loading.


Features   Benefits
Truckout Box w Vapour Return Enhanced spill containment and operator-friendly
24”x24” Cata-Dyne Heater / Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulated Improves operability in cold temperatures
High Level Shutdown Switch HLSD Safety
Sight Glass  


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   14.7 psi
MDMT   -50° F
Radiography   100%
PWHT   Yes
Dimensions   15'-6" L x 10'-6" W x 9'-6" H
Weight   8,500 lb
Service   Sour