Rental Flanged Piping

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Product Snapshot

Pressure piping available for short and long-term rental is a huge time-saver, letting you execute a project in days instead of weeks or months. Western Canada’s most complete lineup of rental pressure piping is all top-quality, bolted piping meeting B31.1 code. This greatly reduces or even eliminates the custom spooling and field welding required for your tie-in. Roska flanged piping is shop-welded in controlled conditions and complete with QC.

The inventory includes pieces sized and shaped to help assemble typical well-site equipment, including Roska rental equipment. We stock lengths up to 20’ as well as elbows, tees and size/class adaptor spools.


Features   Benefits
2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 16” Nominal Pipe Size  
Cl150 cl600 cl2500 10,000API Flanged Straight pups, tees, elbows, adaptors, valves
  Sour low temperature
  ASME code B31.3 compliant
  Each spool is traceable with full quality control QC documents


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   Varies by spec
MDMT   -50° F
Radiography   100%
PWHT   varies
Dimensions   To 20’ L
Weight   varies
Service   sour