Power Generation

Rental 300 kW Diesel Generator Sets

Product Snapshot

Our skid-mounted temporary site power sets are more economical and practical than trailer-mounted generators for extended deployments. Before going out to the customer, they receive the typical Roska touches, in-house modifications that enhance safety, year-round reliability and convenience. This size-class can power an entire site including the pumps and heat trace, the office and miscellaneous needs plus, for example, a 100 hp compressor.


Features   Benefits
John Deere Turbodiesel Engine Reliable
Cold-Weather Kit Reliable
Positive Air Shutoff Safe
Hospital-Grade Muffler Quiet


Product Specifications
Prime Output   256 kW / 320 kVA
Standby Output   278 kW / 348 kVA
Dimensions   13’ L x 5’ W x 7’ H
Weight   Dry – 8,039 lb
    Operating – 11,499 lb