Power Generation

Rental 60 kW Diesel Generator Sets with Light Tower

Product Snapshot

This all-in-one solution provides skid-mounted temporary site power plus a light tower delivering [X] square feet of illumination and its own on-board fuel supply. The fuel cell includes containment. This unit is quiet, easy-to-operate and fuel-efficient. A nice combination of power and lighting.


Features   Benefits
Kubota Turbodiesel Engine Reliable
Large Fuel Tank Extended operation between fills
Cold-Weather Kit Reliable
Positive Air Shutoff Safe
Hospital-Grade Muffler Quiet


Product Specifications
Prime Output   48 kW / 60 kVA
Standby Output   48 kW / 60 kVA
Number of lights   4
Illumination Coverage   [X] ft2
Dimensions   10’ L x 8’ W x 6’ H
Weight   Dry – [X] lb
    Operating – [X] lb