Rental Dual 500 Gallon Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pump Skids

Product Snapshot

Our skid-mounted pneumatic chemical injection pump skid operate without site power using sweet fuel gas or instrument air to supply pneumatic pressure. They feature dual carbon steel 500 gallon tanks and dual pneumatically driven pumps. Suitable for methanol, wax dispersant, etc. Like our electrically driven chemical injection pumps, these pneumatic units feature a simple design with few moving pieces for high reliability. They’ll run trouble-free for years on end. Range of sizes and drive types are available.


Features   Benefits
Dual 500 Gallon Tanks 110 percent secondary containment
Dual Pneumatic Pumps Full backup or high capacity
Ground-Level Fill Safer
Proven Design Reliable
Fisher 627 Regulator Simple to install


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   to 10,000 psi
MDMT   -50° F
Dimensions   15’-10" L x 4’-6" W x 4’-9" H
Weight   3,200 lb