Rental 36" x 10' 1,440 psi Sour Horizontal Separators

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Product Snapshot

Our horizontal separators reflect high Roska engineering and fabrication standards, including top-end controls. The larger separation area provides the higher retention time needed for improved gas-to-liquid and liquid-to-liquid separation. This makes our horizontal separators suited to wells with higher rates of liquids production.


Features   Benefits
36" diameter For use as a single well separator, inlet separator or group separator
3 Phase Fluids Separation and Flow Measurement For early-stage production evaluation
Fisher Controls Offers superior control reliability and inter-connectivity
Sr Daniels Meter Run 6" cl600 Enables high rate gas flow measurement at low pressure
Fuel Gas Scrubber  
Twin 24"x24" Cata-Dyne Heaters Improves operability in cold temperatures


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   1,440 psi @ 130° F
MDMT   -20° F
Radiography   100%
PWHT   Yes
Dimensions   20'-6" L x 8'-9" W x 11'-1" H
Weight   19,000 lb
Service   Sour