Rental 48" x 15' 1,440 psi Sour Horizontal Separators

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Product Snapshot

This high-capacity model is great for deployment as an inlet separator in a mid-sized gas plant, as a group separator for a large, high-rate multi-well pad, or as a test separator for a high-rate well. This approach allows individual wells to be tested, with production then allocated from all the wells in the group. Like all our separators the 48" X 15’ horizontal model is rated for sour service.


Features   Benefits
48" diameter For use as an inlet separator, test separator or group separator
3 Phase Fluids Separation and Flow Measurement Accurate production evaluation
Fisher Controls Offers superior control reliability and inter-connectivity
Sr Daniels Meter Run 6" cl600 Enables high rate gas flow measurement at low pressure
4" ET Valve with C1 Controller Reliable flow control
Fuel Gas Scrubber
Twin 24"x24" Cata-Dyne Heaters Improves operability in cold temperatures


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   1,440 psi @ 130° F
MDMT   -20° F
Radiography   100%
PWHT   Yes
Dimensions   22'-2" L x 13'-4" W x 13'-5" H
Weight   44,900 lb
Service   Sour