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Rental 400 bbl Sweet Liquid Storage Tanks

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Product Snapshot

One reason we got into the tank business is because standard industry tanks are: unheated, uninsulated and poorly vented. Roska’s approach overcomes these shortcomings. All our tanks are heated and insulated. They have multiple other design advantages, described in the write-up for the 400-barrel sour liquids tank writeup.

This sweet tank can be easily made sour.


Features   Benefits
Compliant API-12F modified
16oz pressure / 0.5oz vacuum
Cost Effective One tank does it all, the custom Roska design provides infinite flexibility and adaptability
Reliable Cata-Dyne heaters
Environmentally Responsible Included Enviro-Vault provides superior spill protection
Built-in HLSD switch housed in warm-space
Safe Eliminates working at heights
Exclusive enhancements to protect against overpressure
Designed by operators for operators


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   16oz / -0.5oz @ 200° F
MDMT   -13° F
Radiography   No
Dimensions   12' Dia x 20' H
Weight   14,000 lb
Service   Sweet