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Rental 800 bbl Sour Pressurized Storage Tanks (Vessels)

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Product Snapshot

This Roska solution meets the urgent need for vapour containment and recovery in today’s condensate-rich wells, improving mass storage, delivering superior condensate handling, minimizing losses to atmosphere and eliminating the risk of catastrophic failure under atmospheric tank storage. Built with access platform and stairs/handrails to avoid working at heights. Comes with pre-built/engineered/approved base, enabling worry-free operation on piles or rig matting.


Features   Benefits
Cost Effective Drastically smaller footprint (no 50m spacing requirement)
  Eliminate secondary containment
  Shorter piping runs
Reliable Provides operational flexibility to manage liquids under higher pressures
  Suitable for high H2S Sour service
  Optional heat medium coil
Safe Superior protection against atmospheric tank failure
  Eliminates working at heights
  Eliminates large flare lines
  Designed by Operators for Operators


Product Specifications
Design Pressure   100 psi @ 150° F
MDMT   -50° F
Radiography   100%
PWHT   Yes
Dimensions   10' Dia x 50' L
Weight   47,700 lb
Service   Sour