Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

  • Key facts:
    • Dimensions: 12' L x 8'' H x 6' W; and
    • Weight: Approx 5000lbs.
  • This Roska innovation meets the needs of drilling companies, fracturing providers and producers for clean fuel gas to supply natural gas engines and offset diesel for well-site operations.
  • The conditioning skid taps raw casing gas at the wellhead (or raw field gas at the riser), removing liquid hydrocarbons, water and other impurities.
  • The inlet is ANSI 600-rated and able to handle 1,440 psi.
  • The conditioned natural gas runs through a control valve to supply low-pressure clean gas to your well-site’s users.
  • The fuel gas conditioning skid comes with required pressure piping (and/or hammer unions for short-term applications) to run fuel gas from the source to your gas-fuelled device.
  • This will help you reduce on-site consumption of diesel fuel, delivering numerous benefits:
    • Lower fuel costs;
    • Reduced hauling;
    • Simplified logistics;
    • Lower emissions; and
    • Improved community and landowner relations.