Mobile Blowdown Vessel

  • Key facts:
    • Available capacities: 7m3 , 10m3 , 15m3 , 20m3
  • Restore your sour wells’ production with Roska’s mobile blowdown vessel (P-Tank), unloading liquid-loaded wells by blowing down water, gases and hydrocarbon liquids in situations where venting is not permitted.
  • Gas and water are routed into the integrated pressure vessel and separated.
  • The gas is then routed to our accompanying stack for flaring, while the water is trucked out.
  • This unit is also used for:
    • Bleeding off hydrated pipelines;
    • Flushing liquids out of a wet pipeline; and
    • Pipeline chemical inhibitor batch treating.
  • The unit is operated by a trained, qualified Roska crew.