Celebrating 25 Years

Roska DBO Inc.’s roots go back to 1995. A founding team of five Grande Prairie, Alberta-based operations people, including Clayton Roska, came up with the concept of providing contractual services that paralleled an oil company field office – all the technical skills, operating staff and production accounting.

They recognized a need both among smaller producers that couldn’t efficiently put together all of the required skill sets, and large companies that were over-centralized and lacking operating flexibility and responsiveness at the field level. The founders had big-company technical and operations experience, and had witnessed the benefits and drawbacks of various management approaches.

Companies, especially smaller producers, grabbed at the chance to gain big-company skills and experience, and often sought the team’s help with field optimization as well. Early on, the team also realized that larger companies were often short of qualified staff, especially operators. The company began building a talent pool of qualified, screened, trained, bonded, motivated and reliable contract operators.

This business took off and continues to thrive today, with a large customer base of producing companies and thousands of skilled field workers who are attracted to Roska’s track record of finding them work.

Throughout this period, the company also continued to provide contract operators while expanding and improving its range of services:

Roska’s business proved enduringly successful. Through boom-times as well as downturns, through the many changes in western Canada’s energy sector, through commodity and geological changes, Roska has evolved and grown. Customers see the value in the unique combination of services and capabilities Roska offers.

Today Roska continues to augment its capabilities, such as the recent addition of its production testing and flowback services division, Roska PTS, which was facilitated through the acquisition of a modern fleet of high-pressure testing equipment from an international oilfield services company.

From five people, Roska has grown to an internal team numbering in the hundreds, plus a contract operator talent pool in the thousands. Now serving the entire Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, the company continues to be based in Grande Prairie.