Roska's Core Values

To ensure the well-being and prosperity of our employees, customers and shareholders, sustainable profitability is essential. The way in which we achieve this objective is a measure of our Company; we will use these Core Values to guide us:

Industry – We are committed to the oil and gas industry, and our production skill-set is a source of pride.

People Focus – We build long-term relationships based on trust and respect for people: employees, customers, vendors and the general public.

Integrity – Honest and forthright describes our approach to business; integrity is a fundamental principle we live by.

Customer-Focused – Our success rests on our ability to meet our clients' needs. We are driven to achieve results for our customers.

Continuous Improvement – Our eyes and ears are always open for a better way to do things, for our survival and for the benefit of our customers.

Compliance – We strive to exceed health, safety and environmental standards set out by government regulation. We aim to be at the top of our peer group in this area