Early Production Facilities

Roska's expertise in early production facilities (EPFs) illustrates the value we provide in an integrated solution. We are an industry leader in light tight oil tie-ins and we specialize in the associated EPFs. Our way of doing things routinely saves the producer weeks or months.

The Roska Method adds value every step of the way:

  1. Our experienced multi-disciplined team is at the ready, giving you rapid response.
  2. We own and stock equipment like separators, tanks, compressors, flares, pressure piping, valves and much more, reducing or eliminating the procurement cycle.
  3. The equipment is available on a rental basis, allowing for faster decision-making and simplifying your project management.
  4. Our engineering team can customize our stock designs to incorporate any special items required on a unique site.
  5. Our production testing division, Roska PTS, is equipped to test, flowback and cleanup any well drilled in western Canada. This facilitiates planning for the most-cost-effective and seamless hand-off from testing/flowback to extended testing/early production.
  6. Roska's facilities construction group will construct the EPF on-site, and coordinate their work with other Roska specialists who will commission the EPF, operate it and demobilize it.
  7. Roska-supplied equipment is robust and versatile enough to operate at the highest rates and pressures encountered in western Canada.

You get new production in unbeatable time, cash flow streaming quickly and well performance data sooner. That, in turn, aids in your decision-making regarding future capital expenditures, field infrastructure, additional drilling, refinement of completions designs and other key items.