Equipped and Experienced For PIMS Support

Roska Provides Complete Support for Your Pipeline Integrity Management System

Whether your task is conducting integrity inspections, servicing a pipeline for suspension, or batching cleaning runs. Whether your pipeline asset is a gathering system, a sales line, a lateral or a high-pressure mainline. From pigging to pull-downs, Roska provides complete support for your pipeline integrity management program. That includes pipeline project management, servicing equipment, project design, construction, operations and logistics support.

Our pipeline integrity support teams have the relevant experience, complete qualifications and comprehensive skills you need in your service provider. With a lineup of fit-for-purpose equipment at their immediate service. Roska has everything needed for pipeline integrity projects, including a range of separators, compressors, pre-built piping, construction equipment and services, for sweet or sour applications.

We can provide all the equipment from a rental pig barrel to mobile gas compression. Plus the people to design, install and operate it. You can choose the level of support you need, from pure equipment supply to complete integrated service delivery.

Green Pipeline De-pressuring – Among our specialties is performing pipeline pull-downs with industry-leading efficiency while eliminating venting or flaring. Roska’s green solution meets current regulatory requirements while conserving your hydrocarbons.

Our people can mobilize to any site in Western Canada and be completely set up within days. Whatever our engagement, we will respond quickly, provide you with a predictable cost and meet your schedule.

More reliable pipelines mean safer communities, greater public confidence and satisfied shareholders.


Pipeline Integrity Support Services
Abandonment   Batching
Cleaning Batch Runs   Cleaning Pipelines
Corrosion Inhibitor Batching   De-Liquefaction
Dewatering   Displacement
Evacuation (Pull Downs)   Hydrate Removal
In-line Inspection   Line Reversal
Purging   Pigging Crews
Stuck Pig Retrieval   Suspension


Pipeline Integrity Support Equipment
Compressors – Screw, Reciprocating and Hydrovane, Trailer or Skid-Mounted   Separators
Pig Barrels   Pressure Piping – Flanged and Hammer-Union
Chemical Injection Skids   Trailer-Mounted Blowdown Vessels (P-Tanks)
Flare Knockouts   Flare Stacks
Liquid Storage Tanks   Portable Test Units
Valves – Manual, Automatic Control, ESD   Power Generators


Backed by In-House Capabilities
Construction and Labour   Engineering
Fabrication   Operations