Roska Method Advantages

Some of the industry's most advanced producers are choosing Roska as their facilities provider – because they recognize the value. Transforming the traditional project delivery approach provides schedule certainty, saves time, drives down your risks and optimizes life-cycle costs. Instead of managing a host of suppliers by yourself, you deal with one: Roska DBO. We are accountable for everything.


When you engage us for a DBO solution, we work for you. It's that simple. Every project deliverable is managed with successful project completion in mind. "Everyone pulling in the same direction" has an enormous impact on efficiency, cost, schedule and quality.

In traditional project delivery, no single provider is responsible or accountable for the overall project schedule. Only you are. With a Roska DBO solution, our interests are aligned regarding completion of your project, and you can bring us in as early as the production testing phase.

The integrated delivery model enables us to set up a defined schedule – and live by it. As well as gaining time certainty, the overall time-frame is usually shorter than for the same project delivered traditionally.

In addition to the integrated method's intrinsic efficiency, Roska's in-stock, ready-to-go equipment greatly reduces the procurement cycle time, while our specialized systems get the job done faster.

Roska DBO is a field-based company of hands-on, practical people. Our people come from western Canada's oilfields and all of our business units are field-oriented. We understand what it takes to make equipment that will work in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin's toughest conditions – like 10,000 psi reservoir pressure and -40° C outdoor temperature.

Virtually everything we make is available on a rental basis, freeing up more of your capital for critical investments. Relying on Roska means getting better-designed equipment executed with reduced risk of error. We often design beyond our customers' specs. Our Duvernay well sites, for example, are designed to easily accommodate switching to sour service. Other industry systems can't do that.

Great people are Roska's forte. Our decades of experience in the people area provide the end-to-end skills for delivering complete solutions. We have hundreds of operators with facility start-up experience, for example. Plus in-house engineers and construction specialists. And highly experienced production testing supervisors.

We've been told that the way we communicate with our customers makes the work go easier and reduces friction, which leads to better, faster problem-solving. When you engage Roska, you open an effective channel of communication with all the specialists carrying out your work in the design office, shop and field.

Dealing with one source means you have one partner, and one alone responsible for every dimension, from production testing through long-term operation. If the project's needs change, if something goes wrong, you know who to deal with: us. And you know that we will deal with it. This simplified supply chain improves efficiency, lowering costs and accelerating schedules.