Roska: Your Partner in Capital Conservation

Things are tough out there. From low commodity prices to fiscal and regulatory uncertainty, there’s a long list of challenges. Capital budgets are under pressure as never before. And every capital dollar you save on the surface is a dollar that’s available for development.

We can help.

Roska DBO has rental production and processing facilities. From core items like separators to finishing touches like RTUs for your SCADA system. Everything we rent is durable, high-quality, fully code-compliant, able to serve the highest-rate, multi-phase wells.

Renting from Roska save you millions of dollars in capital expenditures for equipping wells. You channel the savings where they’ll do the most good: drilling and completing more wells.

Less capital tied up on the surface lets your exploration and development budget work harder. It means more metres drilled and more proppant placed. Growing your production and generating greater cash flow.

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Turnkey Facilities We Rent
Single Well Battery   Multi Well Pad
Field Gas Gathering Station   Pre-Engineered Tank Farm Package

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