Design-Build-Operate Solutions

You may have first come to know us as a rental equipment outlet serving some of your company's well sites. Perhaps you use our operators to round out your production and operations teams. Or you may have a buddy who found a job through our company. We are all that, plus much more! We are a provider spanning the project life-cycle of oil and natural gas well testing, production and operations. That's what the "DBO" in our name represents.

Roska's unique lineup of people and equipment enables us to provide any individual scope of work. Our in-house capabilities include design, engineering, provision of in-stock equipment, fabrication, construction, production testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

We have the resources and the qualified, skilled people to remain with you and your operations for as long as you need us. We can get started the moment hydraulic fracturing ends, and we can be with you through to final abandonment. Roska's ability to provide complete integrated solutions is without peer in our industry.