Engineering and Design

Roska's engineering and design department provides critical skills that complement our other in-house disciplines like field construction, operations, maintenance, well testing and turn-arounds. Our complete and highly experienced team includes professional engineers as well as certified engineering technologists, project managers, drafters and support staff. The team is based in our main facility in Grande Prairie and specializes in facility design, well testing and tie-ins, design-build, management of change (MOC) and maintenance capital projects.

Roska's engineering department provides:
Accuracy – Maintaining close connections to the field and having all disciplines in-house helps us formulate realistic estimates that will hold up during actual project execution. Our engineering staff spend real time interacting with the physical equipment and on the well site during installation/construction and in operation. We know what things actually cost to procure, fabricate, construct and commission. And we know what works and what doesn't.

Constructibility and operability – Roska tradespeople and operations staff review our engineering drawings for constructability and operability long before fabrication begins. During planning, fabrication and assembly, our tradespeople and technicians interact directly with the engineering team, enabling us to make improvements and fix design shortcomings before they become costly re-work. Few if any competitors have the entire package of capabilities that encourages this kind of interaction.

Speed – We take pride in fast turnarounds on project quotes.

Technical sophistication – The design process for more complex projects, such as early production facilities, includes full 3D models. Convenient visualization by the customer contributes to constructability and future operability by enabling identification of potential improvements at an early stage.

Efficiency – Our engineering team's many years of experience make us extremely efficient. Our people can often do in a few hours what might take a competitor days or even an entire billable week. And what we do will be done right.

Roska's engineering capabilities especially benefit customers in the design-build (DB) and integrated project delivery of early production facilities (EPF) for high-rate multi-phase plays like the Duvernay and Montney. In Roska's opinion, when engineers are field-based, the customer ends up with engineering that is not only technically correct and meets regulatory requirements, but is constructible and operates properly.

In addition to its critical role within the company, Roska's engineering department is available to assist customers directly with any engineering services that may be required. Please click here for more information, including a list of our engineering services.