Innovation is part of our core values and helps us succeed as a company. We succeed at innovation because we have imaginative, dedicated, energetic people for whom working at Roska means more than collecting a paycheque. They make a point of looking for operating or production challenges – sources of inefficiency or "pain" for the customer. Then they try to figure out ways to operate better, faster, cheaper or more safely – to the customer's benefit.

Roska's management encourages its people to bring these ideas forward. Being a full-cycle provider, our different disciplines interact at the management level. This enables new ideas to be evaluated, refined and transformed into practical solutions. Each of our innovations has specific customer benefits – such as reduced field installation time.

Roska has brought a series of innovations to the marketplace. They are helping our customers and us operate better. Key examples:

  • Roska invented the delivery model for early production facilities (EPF) that has become the industry's leading method for today's high-rate, high-pressure, multi-phase wells, especially in the Duvernay shale play. This approach delivers an integrated solution, from design through demobilization, including all equipment and staffing, in far less time and at lower cost than standard approaches;
  • A range of specialized equipment including modularized sub-packages for rapidly deployable yet customized facilities. These packages are pre-drawn and designed, with standardized piping, with sub-equipment already built in modules. They include a tank farm sub-package for groups of four tanks, pressurized storage tanks and fuel gas conditioning units;
  • Chameleon 2500. The integrated vapour recovery unit (VRU), conceived and designed by Roska, is a ready-to-go solution enabling the producer to bring high-rate, multi-phase wells (gas, oil, NGL) on-stream quickly; and
  • The Roska Method. This integrated project delivery approach combines Roska's unique people and equipment capabilities into a solution spanning the project's life-cycle, including operations and demobilization. The Roska Method delivers an array of customer advantages.