Project Management

Effective project management is critical on well site and facility construction or turn-around jobs of all sizes. Roska has growing project management capability, administered from within its design and engineering department.

All of our project managers have many years of practical field experience in the oil and natural gas industry, including direct exposure to the customer side. Our team includes a former operations superintendent for a large producer and a facility turnaround scheduling specialist.

Having direct experience with what actually happens in the field contributes to good decision-making regarding commitments, scheduling and expectations. This "close to the field" perspective reflects Roska's approach to engineering as well.

Roska has a clear view of what makes good project management: maintaining a big-picture vision of the project's final state and the owner's overall goals, while also understanding all of the details of each scope of work, the cost implications of every item, which person or equipment item is needed to handle each element, and what the workforce in each discipline is capable of providing. Plus, understanding what can go wrong. This comprehensive overview is what our project managers strive for.

Project management is a key capability for delivering Roska's integrated projects. Having this capability in-house makes execution more efficient by facilitating seamless interaction among specialties.