Quality Control

Roska's quality department is staffed by a team of full-time quality assurance specialists whose job is to ensure that all equipment leaving our facility meet's the customer's and regulatory requirements. The company has the processes needed to meet the standards of sophisticated, discerning companies. Roska's quality program has the full support of the company's senior leadership.

Roska's QC system covers equipment and workmanship on manufactured, installed and rental equipment. Pressure-rated equipment is governed by a written quality assurance manual, which is registered with provincial authorities. Roska's Integrity Program ensures that all rental equipment is fit for service.

Most equipment fabricated for Roska's own stock is built to sour specifications that are normally encountered in our service area. This provides an added safety margin as well as greater deployment flexibility. We believe our company's fabrication standards far exceed the industry average.

The company's procurement system includes checks and balances to ensure all quality process steps are followed and substantive goals are achieved. All equipment provided by third parties is monitored during fabrication and inspected to ensure equipment delivered is as ordered.

All Roska-supplied equipment is inspected before shipment to ensure it is fit for service. Equipment is properly stored in accordance with the company's preservation policy. Quality documentation is included with all shipped equipment. All Roska field work is carefully assessed by a qualified inspector. They conduct a complete walk-through, double-checking all features and specifications, including physical spot-checks of actual work performed (such as torque settings), before hand-over to the customer.