Roska Corporate Safety Policy

Roska DBO is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for our people, in order to prevent occupational illness and injury and to minimize negative impact on the environment. The members of Roska's senior leadership team give our customers, staff and contractors their personal promise to take all reasonable precautions to prevent harm to workers and the environment.

Management and supervisors will be held accountable for providing leadership and visible commitment to health, safety and protection of the environment (HSE). They are responsible for ensuring we maintain a safe work environment and that workers are competent and capable of working safely. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that HSE policies and procedures are fairly and consistently enforced, and must be open to any ideas or suggestions that will improve the safety or environmental performance of our company.

Employees, contractors and visitors of Roska DBO share the responsibility to protect themselves and fellow workers, to refuse any work that is unsafe and to actively participate in our safety program.

Everyone must report any hazardous conditions, injury, incident, near-miss or illness related to the workplace. All personnel must comply with applicable acts and regulations and follow our company's and clients' policies, procedures, rules and instructions.

In the event of an injury, every effort will be made, when practicable, to return injured employees to transitional work.

For our people, support of our HSE program is a condition of employment. In addition, we will only do business with those who commit to practising the highest HSE standards. By integrating HSE into all aspects of our daily operations, our goal of an injury-free workplace becomes attainable.