Building Your Career

Excelling as an individual employee will mean not only accumulating experience and doing a variety of jobs, but showing growth potential, having a record of integrity and doing what is right in a variety of situations. While we look for relevant industry experience in the people we hire, we have taken in many newer/greener workers who showed promise, and we have nurtured them through their career growth.

If you are part of the Roska team and are making a contribution, you'll find that we will do a lot to help you in your career growth. We have a strong apprenticeship program. Employees in technical or professional areas who want to return to post-secondary education to earn degrees or certificates are provided with time flexibility and support on a case-by-case basis.

Personal mentoring is a large part of developing our people. Our highly experienced, expert specialists are among Roska's most important assets. They represent a deep resource of knowledge and insight that can benefit newer workers. In addition, Roska provides a number of safety-related training courses in-house, for new team members as well as for ongoing re-certifications.

As a growing company, Roska provides significant opportunity for advancement. We reward people who take initiative and get things done, and the company's style is to provide opportunities to take initiative. Numerous people have started at an entry level and risen through various specialized roles into management. We often promote from within. The key to your advancement will be straightforward: getting your job done well, supporting the team, and showing that you can perform in the ways that matter at Roska.

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