Safety Focus

We are a safety-oriented company with excellent safety performance. Safety is one of our values. We have a safety management system covering all of our people and processes. We hold our provincial Certificate of Recognition (COR) and all other relevant organization memberships. We provide in-house safety training for new team members and for ongoing re-certifications.

Our focus on safety is meant to protect our people and equipment, and the people and assets of our customers. We care about safety because we care about our people – including you.

We are selective in our hiring. Because we operate in a safety-sensitive industry, an applicant may be asked to pass alcohol and drug screening. To our way of thinking, those are additional reasons for the right people to want to work at Roska. Our policies have helped to create a team of people who are professional, committed, safety-oriented and team-oriented. We think that makes Roska a great place to work.

Roska's sophisticated approach to safety means that we are able to work for even the largest, most discerning and process-oriented companies, including international super-majors. That is good for our business, and that in turn is good for everyone who works at Roska.

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Please click here to request an electronic copy of our complete Safety Manual.

Our supervisors and senior leaders are held accountable for providing leadership and visible commitment to health, safety and environmental protection. If you join Roska, support of our safety program and safety culture will be a condition of your employment. Employees and contractors share the responsibility to protect themselves and fellow workers, to refuse any work that is unsafe and to actively participate in our safety program. Everyone must report any hazardous condition, injury, incident, near-miss or illness related to the workplace.

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