Why Work With Us?

Thousands of satisfied oilfield workers can't be wrong. When they need a job, they call Roska. We're the industry's best resource for placing motivated, qualified field personnel with energy companies. We supply individuals, groups of staff or complete teams.

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We treat every single worker as a unique individual. That means you! We'll learn the details of your skills and background, and we'll listen carefully when you tell us what kind of work you want to do, where you'd like to work, shifts or rotations you're looking for, whether camp life appeals to you, and other aspects of your desired schedule and personal needs. We'll also get involved if issues arise at work.

We have helped many young workers who are struggling to get their first job. That kind of help can kick-start your whole career. We'll be your advocate and will "sell" you to the customer. Maybe you have a young family and want to get out of camp. If a job closer to home comes up, we'll let you know and help you move across to the new job.

We also work with experienced operators who want particular things. You may be looking for different experiences than you're getting in your current job. Or you prefer to work on a certain project type or project phase (like starting up a facility) and then move on. Or maybe you've found a great home outside the region and only want jobs that let you drive or fly in for rotational work. In all these cases, we'll work to find the best fit.

As a company, Roska operates like a family. We feel a responsibility towards you, to help you succeed, to get you working with companies and people who are a good fit, and to help keep you safe.

Staying busy is why so many oilfield workers have bonded with Roska. They want work that suits their needs, lifestyles or personal situations. They might prefer to roam around, or do rotational work, or maybe work part of the year followed by months off.

In all these cases, we try our very best to keep the individual as busy as they want to be. Getting you a job is why we exist. That's our commitment to you. Besides, we only get paid if you're working. No matter how hard we have to work to find you a job that fits your needs, we don't charge you a dime.

We are focused on one industry: oil and natural gas. We focus on one activity: placing qualified workers in good jobs with good companies. And we focus on one region: Western Canada. We're not an employment agency, a recruiting outfit or a head hunter trying to cover the entire economy. We are part of the oilpatch! We live in oil-producing country. We are led by our company founder, Clayton Roska, who has spent his whole career in oil and gas production and operations. Knowing our industry and our region makes us good at our job: finding you work.

Our roots – as people and as a company – are in the North, and our success has allowed us to grow so that today we cover all of Western Canada. We know the different plays and hydrocarbon streams, the different types of equipment that are needed, and the particular skills it takes to work on them. In fact, the other parts of our company build, rent, install and operate well sites and facilities.

We understand the different areas around the region. We get the differences between camp life in the bush in the middle of winter, and a morning commute from the city to a nearby gas plant. We appreciate how those differences affect you and your family. This understanding makes us a lot better at finding the job that's right for you.

We have been doing our job – finding positions for people like you – for 20 years. We know the business inside and out, and our roster of relationships is the biggest it has ever been. In any given month, Roska-supplied people will be deployed to 3,000 separate well sites and facilities, accounting for an average of 70,000 boe per day in production or processing throughput. That tells you a lot right there.

This part is critical. Without it, we wouldn't be much good to you, would we? Roska's track record of supplying the right workers to fulfill the customer's staffing need – and doing it right away, often for the very next shift – has built up a big following. Our customers are the supervisors, foremen, lead hands, facility managers and other people who make day-to-day staffing decisions at oil and gas producers, midstream companies and pipeline companies. They are your next boss. Those relationships are our pipeline to great job opportunities for you and the other workers who rely on Roska.