Jobs At Producers

If you have oil and gas industry skills and are looking for a job that meets your needs – located where you want to work and that pays on time – you've come to the right place. Congratulations! Roska DBO is Western Canada's leader in getting motivated, hard-working oilfield personnel a job that's right for them. And supporting them with the right tools, trucks and training.

We have strong relationships with a lineup of oil and gas producers, midstream operators and pipeline companies, including some of the industry's biggest players. These companies often need extra field staff, and these have to be the right people to fill critical operating positions. It might be for a single shift, holiday relief, a start-up or turn-around, or long-term jobs such as operating facilities. These companies entrust their facilities to people supplied by Roska. That's where you come in.

We work with candidates from green-hands to 30-year veterans. We handle many job categories like operators, tradespeople and professionals. If you have the right skills and meet our criteria, we might have you working the next day. Your dream job at a high-quality oil and gas producer, midstream or pipeline company could be just one phone call away. Sound good? Read on!

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