Equipment Modification

Roska’s skilled team of tradespeople and engineers can modify any of your equipment, as well as any equipment we stock, to suit your preferences or your project’s unique requirements. We will reconfigure your separators, compressors or other well-site and facility equipment as needed. We also package a variety of skids for well-site and facility projects.

Well-made oilfield equipment can last for decades, We will help you get the most out of yours, or help you upgrade used equipment that you may have recently purchased. Some typical examples:

  • An otherwise serviceable compressor needs new electrical equipment;
  • A legacy separator or compressor requires updated safety features before it can be put back into service;
  • A compressor sitting in a yard for several years requires replacement of its corroded cooling system;
  • Engines require retrofitting to optimize their functioning to your current needs;
  • Engines require rebuild or replacement; or
  • You would like the equipment’s instrumentation, metering and/or controls modernized from pneumatic to digital.

We can help you with all of that, and much more. Our equipment team is flexible, responsive and provides fast-turn-arounds. All equipment leaving our facilities meets codes, undergoes quality control and comes with accurate, up-to-date drawings and fit-for-service checklists.