Facilities Construction

Our flexibility, depth of capability and responsiveness are three big reasons for you to choose Roska for oilfield construction. If you need labour in a hurry, simply call us and Roska’s qualified oilfield construction specialists will show up at your site, ready to take direction from the site superintendent. We are truly your "instant on" construction team.

Our field construction capabilities go much farther. Led by one of our senior in-house oilfield construction site superintendents, the hand-picked Roska field construction teams of ticketed tradespeople and professionals handle all types of mechanical construction at well-sites, plants and facilities.

Deliverables can range from running some temporary flow lines all the way to complete delivery scopes for a 100 mmscf/d gas processing facility. We deliver numerous early production facilities and a variety of management-of-change and maintenance capital projects. We work with all sizes of customer, including locally-based private companies, and we are experienced in high-pressure, high-rate well site work for large, global producers.

Roska’s decades of experience at bringing production on-stream and at operating oilfields make our construction team unique in this sector. We don’t just fit the pieces together, we understand what they’ll be doing once assembled. That enables us to routinely add value to a project by achieving constructability and operability. Standard oilfield construction companies simply can’t do that.

Among the biggest benefits of dealing with Roska is that we have everything in-house to meet all your field construction-related needs:

  • Ready-to-run equipment, in-stock, for rental or sale, representing a tremendous source of time savings and simplification of the project cycle;
  • Pressure piping fabrication capability;
  • A safety management system and strong safety commitment among all ranks;
  • Design and engineering capabilities, as well as QC and vendor management; and
  • Following construction, the operations personnel to support your commissioning and start-up, and to operate the facility for as long as you need.

Our millions of hours of experience in virtually every operating environment across Western Canada greatly aid in planning the right equipment for the exact field conditions of your construction project. We’re familiar with complex facilities and processes, including sour gas, as well as high operating pressure.

We arrive at your site equipped with tools and trucks, and backed by in-stock equipment such as ready-to-run compression and separators, as well as specialized equipment such as our Chameleon 2500 integrated vapour recovery unit. Before construction on your new wellsite even begins, you could have us provide the production testing and flowback services through Roska PTS, our well-testing division.

Our people are backed by the complete corporate resources of an established organization. Choose Roska and you’ll manage your costs while ensuring efficient and on-budget project execution.