Pressure Piping Fabrication

Roska’s experienced and skilled in-house team manufactures custom pressure piping to any required diameter, spool configuration and pressure rating. Our welders work in a controlled shop environment in our company facilities.

We can handle any-sized job and our fabrication team prides itself in fast turn-arounds. Applications can be for:

  • Well sites;
  • Multi-well pads;
  • Gas plants;
  • Oil batteries;
  • Compressor stations;
  • Production testing, frac flowback and well cleanup;
  • Tie-ins;
  • Pumping stations;
  • Batteries; or
  • Processing facilities.

Our qualified welders include numerous long-term employees, resulting in consistent work product and high quality. Roska welders are fully versed in various material specs, welding procedures, inspections and quality control processes. All Roska pressure piping meets the ASME B31.3 code. We have a strong quality control program and all piping comes with required documentation.

In addition to manufacturing pressure piping to the customer’s drawings, Roska has a wide variety of flanged and Hiltap-fitting pressure piping in stock and available for rent.