The Engineering Team

Roska’s engineering team offers a full-view perspective of projects, from reservoir to sales point. We are field-oriented, responsive and cost-effective while offering capability equivalent to that of a smaller EPC company. You benefit from our years of experience, high calibre of staff and technology innovations.

With our exceptional strengths in production and operations, the engineering team provides a "close to-the-wellhead" perspective at all times. Proximity to producing fields delivers efficiencies across all services. Our intimate understanding of actual oilfield conditions helps us deliver engineering and design solutions that work properly in the field. We know what things actually cost to procure, fabricate, construct and commission.

As a multi-disciplinary engineering team, we can solve more than just production problems. We resolve facilities challenges from small facility and tie-in design to equipment reconfiguration. We frequently do mechanical tie-in related work and MOC-type work such as compressor stations, small refrigeration plants, pipelines and facilities, and many other items related to maintenance capital. And we provide the expert engineering support required on many of today's more complex and/or customized well-testing scenarios.

Building and installing what we design creates further advantages. Our engineering staff interact with the physical equipment during assembly and spend time on the well site during installation/construction and in operation. Our tradespeople and technicians, in turn, interact directly with the engineering team. They review engineering drawings for constructability and operability before fabrication begins.

This approach delivers unique insight into what will actually work, providing outcomes that are more than just technically correct – they’ll be constructible and will operate properly. Having this package of people and skills under one roof is rare in our industry and contributes to faster deliveries, better quality and lower costs.