Competency Assessors

When it is critical for producers, midstream operators and pipeline companies to assure that they have competent people on the job site, Roska has qualified and certified competency assessors who are trained to recognized industry standards. This enables Roska to provide you with competency assessments on your individual employees in a variety of job profiles.

Roska utilizes sophisticated tools:

  • We have developed internal competency profiles for our production, processing and pipeline operators, modelled on industry competency management and development systems. This meticulous process can include up to 100 criteria per profile. The employer or customer can have full confidence that a worker assessed as competent under this rigorous approach is qualified to perform necessary tasks;
  • Workers and their task competency assessments are logged in our system, along with all trade tickets and relevant education, for convenient reference;
  • We are also able to prepare custom job profiles for any of your field or facility jobs which fall outside standard template job profiles; and
  • We can provide oversight and monitoring of remedial training, followed by re-testing, of evaluated personnel whose competency is found deficient.