Complete Corporate Support

Flexibility, Convenience and Value for You

Roska does far more than "find you bodies". We make the right match – and provide end-to-end corporate support. Roska’s operations staffing service is a complete organization of skilled people using proven processes supported by appropriate, up-to-date information technology. Recruiting and hiring full-time employees is time-consuming, expensive, often risky and frequently hit-and-miss. Using Roska’s staffing services avoids those headaches.

Using Roska also allows you to test out a potential full-time employee. You can see the person working, how they interact with people and work on a team, their decision-making and coordinating skills. You can even bring us an individual whom you want to use but, for whatever reason, prefer not to place on your own company’s payroll.

In all these cases, we take on all the HR-related load. You and your company remain at arm’s-length. You avoid the overhead associated with managing full-time employees. Letting us focus on people lets you stay focused on production.

We handle everything:

  • Trucks, tools and safety equipment, with logistics coordination;
  • Payroll (including withholding taxes), benefits and complete administration;
  • Recruiting, interviewing, reference and background checks, drug and alcohol testing when required;
  • Training and safety certifications;
  • Regulatory compliance (WCB, insurance, safety and driver’s abstract); and
  • HSE coordination (we hold our COR and are members of ISNetworld, please click here for more).

You can rely on Roska to evaluate job candidates and recommend the best fit. Or you can interview a number of qualified individuals and make your own selection. It’s no wonder that a broad range of producing, midstream and pipeline companies all rely on Roska.