Operations Staffing

Any time you require motivated oilfield or facility staff, call Roska and your problem is solved. It’s truly that simple. We can – and often do – provide same-day response to fill a customer’s next shift. No other staffing service comes close to our range of available skills, geographical coverage area, depth of experience or responsiveness.

We are Western Canada’s leader in matching motivated, skilled field personnel with energy companies. We can fulfill any contract operations requirement, of any duration, at any field or facility. Tonight, if need be. Our core focus is field and plant operators, and we cover your complete range of personnel needs, including technical and supervisory specialists and tradespeople.

Every operator in our talent pool is individually sourced and carefully vetted. Many have decades of experience and/or specialized skills like servicing sand filters, working with particular plant systems, handling specific gas streams, off-gas cleaning, servicing rare legacy equipment or troubleshooting complex field systems.

Deployments can be by the shift, for defined periods like facility start-ups or turn-arounds, or for long-term, full-time-equivalent operations. Roska’s track record includes re-staffing under-performing facilities and restoring them to profitability.

Although we specialize in answering urgent requests, we do far more. We fulfill a range of larger and/or longer-term staffing needs across the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Including complete operating teams for fields and facilities.