Short-Term Relief

Roska specializes in helping our customers manage personnel crises and fill urgent needs. Your staffing needs are met today, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality or expertise just because the project is short-term.

Short-term relief takes many forms:

  • Scheduled vacations are coming up;
  • Somebody quits or is suddenly off sick;
  • Your company’s work-alone policy requires extra personnel on-site;
  • Downsizing in a tough economy leaves your operations under-staffed;
  • Specialized equipment with few qualified operators goes down;
  • Equipment freezes up on the coldest night of the year;
  • You need to staff up for a plant turn-around;
  • You’re commissioning a new facility or equipping a multi-well site; or
  • You need a team to handle temporary operations of separators, compression, flare stacks, etc.