What Makes Roska Supervisors Different

Versatile and Adaptable – Roska consultants adapt to the required level of supervision. They can begin with program preparation and follow through with detailed reporting and full project coordination. Always keeping their eye on your critical objectives, our consultants will move your project along in a timely fashion.

Whether you need supervision for deep, sour, high-pressure, horizontal or routine production or testing work – oil or natural gas-related – Roska will match a wellsite supervision skillset to your specific needs. We have a supervisor who knows your target zone and your operating area.

Our wellsite supervisors are locally based and each has skills and experience earned in the field. Our people are known for their strong communication skills and safety focus. Many supervisors have operations experience and excel at retrofitting and optimizing field facilities.

Support – Where required, our field supervisors can draw on support from our construction manager and engineering team for troubleshooting, cost estimating and logistics. Roska also has a full complement of field support staff ready to assist with complex troubleshooting on short notice.

Our supervisors follow a Roska-developed custom reporting process that includes daily progress reports, cost control spreadsheets, quality control reports and a line-crossing package.