Customer Advantages

Choosing Roska for your oilfield equipment needs offers multiple advantages:

  • Diversity and completeness – Roska has a diverse and comprehensive equipment lineup, from valves to separators and everything needed to build complete well sites and facilities;
  • Instant availability Standard items are typically in-stock and available for immediate delivery through one phone call;
  • Consistently modern and recently inspected – We steadily augment our rental fleet. Used equipment is inspected and certified fit-for-service;
  • Fit-for-purpose – Roska’s equipment fleet reflects today’s emphasis on high-pressure, high-rate, multi-phase wells;
  • Time savings – Roska’s equipment packages are designed to work as complete systems, so the components are easy-to-assemble. Our sites can be built with little or no custom pressure pipe fabrication required.
  • Cost efficiency – Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated pressure piping delivers significant cost savings; and
  • Qualified people – Roska’s 20 years in the contract operations business means that we have the right people available for your needs. That includes: project design/engineering, project management, field construction, equipment installation/assembly, well testing/flowback/cleanup, facility commissioning/start-up and facility operation.