Fit-for-purpose, ready-to-run equipment is a pillar of Roska’s customer offering. We have what you, the producer, midstream operator or pipeline company, need to fill urgent equipment needs.

Selection – We have everything from a single valve to a complete multi-well pad, large oil battery, compressor station, high-pressure test separator package or 20 mmcfscf/d gas processing facility. Myriad combinations at your immediate disposal, achieving mobilization speed and commissioning efficiency that just can’t be matched through the traditional procurement model.

Rentals – Producers often prefer renting for flexibility and capital allocation. Roska offers one of Western Canada’s most diverse inventories of rental processing equipment. That includes rental pressure piping – manufactured in-house – in a variety of lengths, configurations and pressure classes, making it fast and simple to assemble and connect equipment in the field. Detailed specifications for all our equipment are available on request.

Systems – Other companies offer individual equipment pieces. At Roska, we regard each item as a component in a complete functioning well-site or processing facility, so we design everything to fit easily with other pieces. That simplifies and speeds up field installation. All Roska equipment is engineered in-house and comes with drawings and up-to-date inspections and certifications. All our equipment is modern and well-maintained, and most of our equipment is rated for sour service.

Capacity – We have enough in stock to equip a complete functioning multi-well site, including the piping and, where needed, our pre-engineered/pre-built temporary pipe racks. Our large and well-chosen lineup of pre-engineered components will save you time and reduce your engineering costs. When your needs extend farther, we can design, procure and package whatever you might need – right up to a 100 mmscf/d gas processing facility.

Service – We’ll help you select the right equipment for your application, including associated items that you might need. Like piping and valves, instrumentation, a gen set and lighting. And we’ll support you every step of the way. Roska’s skilled field construction team can install any Roska equipment – plus handle your other field construction needs. For start-up and operations, we can provide all the operators you need. For well testing, we have the high-spec equipment and experienced crews and supervisors to handle any testing scenario in western Canada.