What We Provide

We are proud to offer one of Western Canada’s most complete lineups of immediately available, fit-for-purpose, ready-to-run well-site production, testing and processing equipment. Roska’s decades of field experience have resulted in a fleet of robust, user-friendly, durable and compliant equipment that fits well together.

Key attributes of Roska’s equipment:

  • Modern, fully compliant and built to Roska’s own high specifications;
  • Sour rating to 2 percent H2S on much of our equipment (with pre-engineered add-ons to quickly achieve higher sour ratings where necessary);
  • Recently inspected, fit-for-service and complete with accurate, as-built drawings;
  • Oriented to reflect the industry’s current emphasis on high-rate, high-pressure, multi-phase wells and associated facilities that produce and process light oil or condensate-rich natural gas in plays like the Duvernay, Montney, Deep Basin and Cardium;
  • Incorporates the industry’s "must-have" features, resulting in high specifications with practical designs that incorporate flexibility for various add-ons, such as Coriolis meters and gas detection; and
  • Designed and built for field operability and durability. For example, nozzles are oriented to fit to our pre-built piping and then connect to the next piece. Features like these reflect the skills and innovative thinking of our multi-discipline team.

Processing Equipment

  • Separators
  • Tanks
  • Pressurized storage tanks
  • Line heaters
  • VRU Compressors
  • Fuel gas conditoning skids
  • Flare stacks
  • Flare igniters
  • Flare knockouts
  • Chemical injection skids
  • Meter skids
  • Instrument air skids

Pressure Piping and Related Items

  • All pressure classes to 12,500 psi
    • ANSI and API-rated
    • Built in controlled environment
    • Qualified welding procedures
    • Range of applications, including severe cyclic
    • Hammer-union as well as flange fittings
  • Temporary pipe racks, engineered and robust
  • Valves – ball, globe, gate, needle
  • ESD Valves
  • Chokes
  • All items exceed basic industry standards

Support, Instrumentation, Miscellaneous

  • Power generation to 300 kW
  • Back-pressure controllers
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Remote terminal units (RTUs) c/w SCADA systems
  • Communications towers
  • Field office trailers
  • Truck-out boxes – for standard and sour tankage
  • Solar masts
  • Stairs
  • Barriers
  • Containment