People and Equipment

Roska’s business is built around providing great people and fit-for-purpose equipment to enable oil and natural gas producers and midstream companies across Western Canada to overcome their production, operations and well-testing challenges. Roska has thousands of experienced, motivated people with diverse skills. We can fulfill any operations staffing need you may have.

Our unmatched people resources go hand-in-glove with our equipment. Roska designs, builds and operates a range of oilfield process equipment including Western Canada’s most complete lineup of rental pressure piping, high-pressure well-testing packages, well-site equipment for early production facilities, and specialized systems built for deployment speed and flexibility.

Roska people are deployed to 3,000 Well Sites
Per Month
The Roska method cuts cycle time by 60%

Together, our people and equipment resources provide the capability to design and engineer, procure, fabricate, install, commission and operate any custom solution. That is where the "DBO" in our name stems from. You can pick whatever you need from our lineup, or choose Roska for the complete integrated solution.

Our business was put together with the realities of the oilfield in mind. We are geared to saving you time, getting your production online and keeping your operations safe and efficient.

The Roska way is an unmatched offering in western Canada’s energy sector.