Pressurized Storage Tank

  • Key facts:
    • Dimensions: 50’ L x 10’ D
    • Weight: 47,700 lb;
    • Rated to 100 psi @ 150° F; and
    • Sour-rated to 5 percent H2S.
  • Meets the need for vapour containment and recovery in today’s condensate-rich wells.
  • Roska’s pressurized storage tank delivers superior light oil/condensate storage by eliminating the risk of catastrophic failure under atmospheric tank storage.
  • Lighter condensates can evaporate at rates of up to 100 bbls per day when under atmospheric 400-bbl tank storage. Our pressurized storage tank conserves valuable condensate.
  • Built with an access platform and stairs with handrails to avoid working at heights.
  • Has pre-built engineered base for short or long-term installation on piles or rig matting.