Getting Started

You might have heard about us from a buddy, a relative or someone you know in the oilpatch. Or you saw one of those Oilfield Operators road-signs saying: "Your dream job can be just one phone call away."

Now that you're here, you too can become part of Western Canada's #1 talent pool. In fact, you can become one of the reasons why we're #1!

If you're a newcomer to Roska's Oilfield Operator, what do we need from you right now? It's pretty simple. After reading this, please go to the Register section. Filling out the application form properly will tell us what you're interested in doing and where. It's critical that you fill out the form completely and accurately. Do not just attach your résumé.

The completed form produces a standardized electronic résumé. This helps us and our customers accurately compare candidates for particular jobs and make an informed selection. Our intake system allows us to review and hire operators much more efficiently by having all the necessary information in a quick and easy-to-evaluate form.

If you meet our basic criteria, we'll follow up with an interview (by phone or in person). We'll check your background and references, and confirm your courses, qualifications and tickets, if applicable. Before beginning work, you may also have to pass a drug and alcohol test.

Once that is done, you'll be automatically considered for all jobs that match your skills and requirements (such as the region or location where you'd like to work). You can also continue to apply for individual jobs on our job postings, and we'll contact you with news of appropriate openings.

When you're placed on a job, you'll report to the supervisor or foreman at the customer's company. But we'll handle all paperwork. You'll receive your paycheques and benefits from Roska. If you need tools, a truck and safety equipment, we'll provide them. We'll also make sure you have the training and safety certifications that you need. We take care of the works.

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